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Niagara Historic Inns

5427 River Road

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

L2E 3G9

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There are many roads one may take to Niagara Historic Inns.

If you're coming from: The Peace Bridge, The Rainbow Bridge, Queenston / Lewiston Bridge, Toronto, Areas West of Niagara

From the Peace Bridge:

Toll: CAD $3.00 or US $2.00, paid on US side prior to entering Canada. Good for round trip.
After crossing the bridge and going through Customs/Immigration, proceed straight, you will immediately be on the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) heading for Niagara Falls.
After about 15 minutes, there will be a sign indicating Highway 420 / Dorchester Road. Take that exit.
The exit splits, follow the lane that indicates Highway 420 / Bridge to USA.
You will merge on to Hwy 420 and proceed straight for about 1 mile. Stay to the left and get into the lane to turn left. There will be a large intersection with information booths and a large Casino Niagara parking lot. This is the intersection of Hwy 420 and Stanley Avenue.
Turn left on to Stanley Avenue, proceed straight for about one-quarter mile. Where the strip plaza on the left ends, is the street Valley Way. There is a traffic light at this intersection, turn right.
Proceed straight, and within a short distance there will be a three street intersection, take the street that goes straight ahead, do not turn left or right. Be cautious at this intersection.
Proceed straight. There is a traffic light and the only options are to turn left or right. This street is Victoria Avenue. Turn left and then turn right immediately at the next stoplight (a very short distance, a matter of meters/yards.)
You are on Simcoe Street. Proceed straight to the end of Simcoe Street. At that point you will only be able to turn left or right, and a railroad track will be in front of you. Turn right. You are on Ontario Avenue (which will change its name to Palmer while you're on it.)
You will pass a street on your left called Bampfield. Proceed straight until the next street on the left, which will be Niagara Grandview Manor Crescent. Turn left on to Niagara Grandview Manor Crescent.
Proceed downhill (stop at intersection) to near the end of Niagara Grandview Manor Crescent. On your left you will see a small laneway and then a green, chain link fence. Immediately after this will be a driveway on the left, (the last one on the street before it ends at River Road) turn left into the parking lot, park where you like. The entrance is at the very front of the house.

From the Rainbow Bridge:

From the Queenston / Lewiston Bridge:

Directions from Toronto, Ontario:

Directions from Areas West of Niagara Falls:

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